Dry Gas Seal

Tehran Javan Gas Filters GCF are high performance change- over Duplex Coalescing Filters in Stainless Steel, which are specially developed for use in Turbo Compressors.All of the filter components, including the filter housings are made of Stainless Steel machined parts without weld connections and comply with the requirements of API 614.The Modular filter design means that a cyclone pre-separator can also be retrofitted to an existing standard filter. For special high-pressure applications or in case of using hazardous gases, filters are also available in a double block and bleed version.

  •  Modular filter
  •  Compact filter design
  •  Duplex seals
  •  Full port flow paths
  •  Efficient pre-separation
  •  High quality ball change over valves
  •  Sufficiently large chambers