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Onshore Production,Refining and Treatment Facitities
Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Tehran Javan provides a complete capability in the design and fabrication of all elements of oil and gas production,Refiningand Treatment facilities including:

  • Gas/Oil separation
  • Crude stabilisation
  • Dehydration and desalting
  • Gas gathering
  • Wellhead treatment
  • Gas dehydration
  • Hydrate inhibition
  • Gas sweetening and acid gas removal
  • LPG and NGL recovery
  • Gas reinjection
  • Artificial lift
  • Terminals
  • Refining of crude oil, offsite and onsite
  • Water treatment and gathering network
  • Power plant and distribution system

Apart from comprehensive the selection and design of proprietary forms of separation equipment, Tehran Javan has engineered complete gas/oil separation facilities for capacities in excess of 200,000 bpd with recovery and reinjection of associated gas and liquids.

The design of most conventional forms of treatment processes has been undertaken, including desalting, dehydration and sweetening for both gas and oil, NGL recovery and stabilisation. An extensive exprience has been gained by undertaking projects in oil fields as described.

Last updated: January 25, 2006


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